A Test Report Of LED Poultry Light work on Chicken Breeding

1.  Illumination Control

Automatic/semi-automatic control brightness, adjust the brightness by steps in different stages, no switch stress as welfare, completely avoid the traditional manual loading and unloading of lamp dimming and bad stress.


2. Energy consumption/maintenance/security

Over 50% of energy than conventional lighting, and the model of all the scene of the LED lamps and lanterns is not a failure, maintenance costs fell by more than 80%. Use the low voltage direct current (dc), completely avoid the leakage human and animal casualties.


3. Breeding Environment

Experimental analysis of the LED lighting breeding poultry dung under the physical and chemical properties, found the fecal moisture content is reduced by 11.3%, helping to suppress the release of ammonia, improve the breeding environment.


4. Slaughter Weight

The special spectrum with the optimal brightness and illumination time, significantly promote the poultry production performance, poultry market weight increased by 1.53%, 2.05% increase accumulated laying hens lay eggs.


5. Death Rate

The special spectrum with the optimal brightness and illumination time, greatly enhance the physical health and disease resistance, poultry large-scale demonstration mortality by 2.15%; A demonstration site encountered disease outbreaks, the death rate by 44.4%.


6. Material meat/Eggs Ratio

Special spectrum with the optimal brightness and illumination time, improve the poultry feed on nutrient absorption and utilization, average feed conversion rate by 2.04%, egg ratio on average 2.01% lower.

养殖灯1 养殖灯2


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