1.LED Grow Light for Greenhouse Product Parameters


 1). General Data


Item Number Lighting Source Housing Color Dimension mm IP Rate Main Material Net Weight
EASY004150W 90PCS*1-3W Aluminum Grey/Black L320*W300*H245 IP65 Aluminum +PC 4.8 kg
EASY004300W 180PCS*1-3W L320*W300*H245 8.3 kg


2). Electrical Data

Item Number Rated Power(W) Input Voltage (V) Transfer Efficiency (%) Power Factor
EASY004150W 150W AC90-305V 50-60Hz ≥90 ﹥0.95
EASY004300W 300W ≥91


3). Optical Data

Item Number Ratio of red and blue Photosynthetic Photon Beam Angle° Wave Length
EASY004150W RED-60% BLUE-15% GREEN-20% UV-5% 20 μmol/m²*s 70*135° RED-600nm BLUE-460nm GREEN-525nm UV-400nm
EASY004300W 20 μmol/m²*s

Dimension Drawing

3.Product Introduction

This product adopts 6063 aluminum with high thermal conductivity, The “sunflower” shape radiator and  the internal u-shaped heat sinker structure expands bigger heat dissipation area and speed up the heat conduction and dissipation rate,  which provides a stable temperature for the working LED and greatly extends the life of the LED lamp; The different beam angle of the reflector can meet the requirements of different customers at different places; The LED source adopts Bridgelux with low light decay rate and long service life .

4.Product Features

◇ Light source adopts imported product highlight chip, special wavelength to meet the demand of the photosynthetic plants grow;

◇ Wide input voltage and constant current LED driver. The brightness of lamps and service life is not affected by grid fluctuation;

◇Unique design of heat dissipation body in harmony with the electrical box, and effectively conduct heat diffusion, thereby reducing the lamp body temperature, ensure the service life of the light source and power supply, the body surface of anodized anti-corrosion treatment, compact structure and beautiful.

◇Green. No ultraviolet, infrared, thermal radiation and mercury pollution;

◇As cold light source, LED lights will not make the goods for produce fade phenomenon;

◇Using high-quality reflectors, downy light, High light efficiency;

◇High CRI make the light true and clear and have different color temp;

◇Fast response, no stroboscopic, low glare;

◇Solid-state light source, strong shock resistance, convenient for transportation and installation, high safety;

5.Product Application                                               

Application: Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Home Garden, Farm, Vegetable Shed, Botanic Garden, Flower Exhibitions, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Hemp Cultivations , Medical Plants Cultivations, etc.


Can be used as light source, delayed enhanced light illumination time.

According to the needs of different plants, can control the plants need light

Can replace the hot light source inside the greenhouse, effectively promote the growth of plants

6. Distribution Curve

7. Storage and Working Environment


Storage  Environment  Temperature -20℃~+55℃
Working  Environment  Temperature -20℃~+45℃(25℃ is the best working environment temperature)
Working Environment Humidity 40-90%RH

8.Working Lifespan and Warranty


Working Lifespan 30,000 Hours (flux maintenance 70%)
Warranty 3 Years


Item Number Packing Material Inner box Dimension mm Outer Box Dimensionmm Packing QuantityPCS Single Light Weight


Packing Weight


EASY004150W K=K 380*360*200 380*360*200 1 ±5% ≈5kg
EASY004300W 680*360*200 680*360*200 1 ±5% ≈8.5kg


10. Package Drawing


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