LED Tube Grow Light for Greenhouse-Easy 006
  1. Product Overview:

This product Light body with high-quality 6063 aluminum materials, by extrusion molding, rotating plug, flexible and adjustable angle, surface anodic oxidation. Radiator made of high quality aluminum extrusion with a large area and fast cooling speed, improve thermal performance. LED low light decay, high luminous efficiency SMD SMD2835 lighting, energy saving significant, long life. High-precision, high efficiency constant current drive, stable performance, no flicker.


  1. Product Features:


◇Lamp source adopts single brightness 24LM over 2835 high light bead, white varnish efficiency can reach 90 ± 5LM / W;

◇ integration of multiple high-brightness SMD light source to form a linear combination.

◇ high economic energy efficiency. 90% energy than incandescent, fluorescent energy saving than 60%;

◇ special process encapsulation, durable, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours;

◇ green, no ultraviolet, infrared, thermal radiation and mercury pollution;

◇ as a cold light source, LED lighting does not make the goods produced by irradiation bleaching;

◇ expansion mask of high quality, light color and soft, a light high light efficiency comprehensive than traditional fluorescent tubes; 

◇ high color rendering index, showing the most intuitive and clear, and color temperature optional;

◇ fast response, no flash, little glare, and instantly reach full light output after lighting;

◇ solid light, seismic and strong, easy to transport and install, safe;

◇ directional light, easy to control the light, effectively improve the efficiency of lighting systems;

◇ novel fashion, close to the customer needs and feelings into more user-friendly design elements and technology.

  1. Uses:

1), suitable for plant growth, flowering, fruiting.

2), red light promote flowering, blue light promote long leaves, customers can choose different lamp bead ratio based on different plants using

3), can be used as fill light to enhance lighting,  delay lighting time.

4), depending on the plant needs, you can control the light for plants.

5), when used in a greenhouse can be replaced from the heat source, promote plant growth effectively.

4. Specification:



Item No. Packing material Inner box sizemm Carton size




Gross Weight/pcs


Gross weight/CTN


EASY006A Inner box :Hard paper tube; Carton: K=K W35*H35*L1220 L1240*W195*H160
20 0.20±5% ≈6
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