Easy LED Vegetable Grow Light can influence on the growth cycle and photosynthesis of the vegetable, the absorption of chlorophyll can increase more than 95%, which not only improve the vegetable quality, but also increase production rate from 30%-80% and be available to launch the market 20-30 days earlier than normal planting vegetable. More Info

What can we do?

• High wire vegetable production (cucumber and tomato) with interlighting
• Effectively complements natural light with a spectrum and light intensity combination designed to promote plant growth
• Stabilizes and improves plant quality and yield, enabling growers to increase their profits
• The scientifically designed illumination angle and light position allow plants to make maximum use of the light
• Interlighting among vegetables and flowers, by utilizing the low-heat characteristic of LED, to increase production
• Efficient use of energy can effectively reduce the electrical system load and energy costs and many more applications. Every day we are getting new experiences. If your application is not in the list, don’t hesitate to contact us or our partner and hear what we can do for you.

Who is our customer?

Individuals, Commercial Greenhouse Growers, Sustainable Gardeners, Personal Self-Reliance, and even the Hobbyist all enjoy what our lights can provide. We are now selling to both Individuals and Commercial Accounts and our Support Team is ready to assist in layout and design for your Grow.

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